A Nice Local Run Before a Storm

A big typhoon is approaching today - it rained all day.  So, I decided to go for a fairly long run yesterday in a cool weather.

A distance marker - 1.5 km from the start of Kanda River.

A trail by Kanda River around Fujimigaoka.

A bee was busy on a flower.

Runners along the trail.

 Beautiful cosmos flowers close from Takaido Station.

Aozora Park - a new nice place south of Eifukucho.

A heron in the river.

Pretty sunflowers.


Zenpukuji River is being fixed.

A trail by the river.

A pond with a fountain.

Children and fathers at a play ground.

Lycoris - Higanbana in Japanese are beautiful this time of the year.


A Wet Angoji Trail

This morning, I had a nice, but a wet run in Nanto City, Toyama.  I ran to Anjoji area from my hotel in Fukuno.

Beautiful flowers.

Rice is ready to be harvested at this field.

This field is not yet ready.

Rice was harvested at this field already.

Entrance of Angoji Temple.

Japanese ceder trees of Anjoji hills.

The trail looks like this.


Tonami Plain seen from an observatory.

The area by the temple.

A pond of the temple.

The view from my hotel - very wet.


A Nice Morning Run in Yonagunijima

I had a very nice run in the morning of Sunday in Yonagunijima - Japan's western tip island.  The weather was much better compared to the day before.

Beautiful sunrise seen from my hotel window.

A police box (Koban) close from a big rock.

A beach.

Pretty little flowers growing in the sand of the beach.

The beach and the port.

A river.

Ugly tetrapods - protecting the shore.

Waves outside of the port.

New tetrapods getting ready to be placed.

Goats were very curious.

A junior high school.

A painting on the wall by elementary students.

The highest peak of the island - Urabedake.

A steel shop right below the big rock.

Hibiscus were pretty on roadsides.

The runway of the airport.


A poster of Around the Island Run - coming up in November.


A Wet Run in Ishigakijima

I had an brief overnight stay in Ishigakijima.  I could go for a nice run in the rain in the morning of last Friday.

A sign for Maesato Beach by my hotel.

Nice beach - still pretty dark at 6:30 am.

Some sort of a shrine?

The port views.

Tourists crossing the street at the middle of the town.

The ruin of a historical Ryukyu government building.

 A basket ball court at a park.

Humorous Shisa figures wish for traffic safety.

Leucaena leucocephalais very common.

A used car lot has many cute little cars.

Next time, I would like to do a bit of sightseeing.