Nagoya - a bit of the past and brand new

I was back in Nagoya briefly over the weekend and on Sunday morning, I could fit an approx. 10 K run there.

Close from Nagoya Station, the city does not offer much of interesting sites, but I could find some historical buildings this time.

This old building is now used only as low-priced Obento stand.

A small street about 800 m (1/2 miles) NE from the station has old buildings.

One of the buildings seen from the front.

A board told me that they were from the 17th century.

A local Shotengai

"Paris Festival" was being promoted.

Restaurant display - "Ebi Furya" or fried prawn is a popular cuisine in Nagoya.

A statue of Oda Nobunaga, a local hero.

Old residential buildings.

A peaceful street right by Nagoya Castle.

Right by the station, a lot of construction is on going.


Before and After A Storm Runs in Hong Kong

My Hong Kong business trip schedule was largely affected by Typhoon Usagi, but could sneak in a couple of runs before and after the storm.

Boats at Causeway Bay is about 3 km east of Central.

I was relieved to learn where I could be just in case of an emergency.

Running track of the park.

The tall towers on the both sides of the harbor are like the gate.

A lot of construction going at the waterfront.

An urgent message was distributed at my hotel.

There really was a lot of rain and wind while the storm was there.

It rained again the following morning when I went for a run again around 5:30.

A statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen at the park that bears his name.

Hong Kong skyscrapers as seen from Central Ferry Piers.


Macau Run and Sightseeing

I had a day in Macau, yesterday. I could squeeze in a run and sightseeing in the city.

This is the hotel I stayed the night before.

This is where I ran to - Macau Tower.  The body of water is Sai Van Lake with a beautiful cable stayed bridge - Ponte de Sai Van.

Of course, early in the morning, bicycle taxis were still not operational.

There are many pawn shops in this city.

I first thought this painting on a concrete wall was a graffiti, but it is actually an official poster.

A-Ma Temple - the oldest and most famous and it is believed that the name of the city derived from it.

Here's another wall slogan close from the temple.

The Church of Our Lady of Penha sits on a hill that can be seen from the city.

Here's the view from the church - spectacular.

 The best egg tart of Macau is sold at this bakery.

The shopping mall of the Venitian Hotel Resorts.

Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral - UNESCO World Heritage site.


After A Typhoon Run

Japan was hit by a typhoon today - it rained and rained yesterday and a part of today.  But by the late afternoon, it has passed Tokyo and the wind calmed down enough for my wife and I to go for a run.

Below are the photos I took of the aftermath of the storm - in chronological order.

At the entrance of Inokashira Park were many fallen trees.

This tree broke in half - too bad for it was a cherry tree.

This one fell.

The train track by JR Mitaka Station.

A park my sons used to play soccer - flooded.

A small street by Seikei University.

A busy street by our home - sky was pink.

I climbed up on our roof to find a great view of Mt. Fuji.

The damage in Tokyo was not so terrible, but the typhoon really scarred many places as it ripped through Japan yesterday and today.


A Beautiful Run in Kyoto

I was very lucky to have another opportunity to run in the picturesque ancient capital city of Kyoto this week.

The main gate to Kyoto Imperial Palace.

A heron came to visit dog walkers.

The great Torii gate to Heian Shrine.

The Five Story Pagoda of Hokanji Temple.

 A Banner to bring 2020 Olympics to Japan (Tokyo).

There certainly are many temples and shrines in Kyoto.