Autumn Run in Toyama

I had a beautiful run yesterday morning in Toyama.

Toyama Castle and its moat. The red are the leaves of cherry (sakura) trees.

Gingko leaves fell all over a play ground.

Japanese maple leaves have turned completely red in Gofuku Athletic Park.

JInzu River seen from Arisawa Bridge.

The old Toyama Ohashi Bridge was being demolished.


Recent Scenes of Tokyo

Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Gate Bridge - seen from a Tokyo Harbor shore close from Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Skytree and Sumida River seen from a high-rise apartment in Tsukuda.

A beautiful Japanese Garden of Hotel New Ohtani.

Godzilla statue in Hibiya.


Autumn scenes 2012

The season is definitely autumn in Tokyo - it is getting cooler by day. 

Cute little purple berries in my yard.

Little orange berries in Toshima-ku.

Red flowers in Tochima-ku.

Coloring leaves in Kichijoji.

More colering leaves in Kichijoji.


Marunouchi walk

Marunouchi is the area just west of Tokyo Station - close from Imperial Palace.

I took a walk there in the early evening of last Saturday- trees were illuminated.  The atmosphere was festive.

"Meet @ Marunouchi" - the shopping street's slogan.

There were many people gathered at the recently re-opened "Old Tokyo Station". Then, the long brick building was lit-up.

Tokyo Station has become the newest sightseeing spot of the city.