Achasan (Mt. Acha) Trail Run

This morning, I had a very good workout climbing up Mt. Acha in Seoul, Korea. It is a small mountain and there are nice hiking trails.

An ancient fortress wall from over 1700 years ago on the way to the top.
Some parts are very well kept. Here is a part with many steps.

Finally at the top of the mountain (287 m)! A rock monument stands.

Looking down to the city of Seoul - close from the top of the mountain. There were many hikers - even at around 7:30 AM of Sunday.

Grand Olympic Bridge over Han River seen from the top of the mountain.


Statues in Germany and France

There are many statues in Europe. These are some that I saw.

Juliet in Munich.

Confucius in Munich.

Frederic Chopin in Munich.

Franz Liszt in Stuttgart.

Julius Caesar in Paris.

Lafeyette in Paris.

Guess I ones I saw in Germany were more of literature, music, and philosophical, where as the ones in Paris were of political.


Interesting Things I saw in Europe

I spent several days in Germany and France this week.

Here are some interesting things I saw there.

Cute patterns with a frog at the New Town Hall in Munich.

Historic Frauenkirche of Munich was under repair.

A gold statue of Mercury - a top of a building in Stuttgart.

An ICE train arrives at Stuttgart Station for Munich.

A graffiti cleaner working hard at his profession on the wall of River Seine in Paris.

A parade of some sort was about to start marching by the Arc de Triomphe.