Sugamo to Oji

I've been taking walks around my work these days.

Shin-Koshinzuka Station of Toden Arakawa Line.

Solar panels are installed at the shopping area close from JR Sugamo Station.

Elementary school students walking in line to their school in Takinogawa district of Kita Ward.

Tanizu Daikannon, a statue of Bodhisattva of Jutokuji Temple.  

Commuters walk under Otonashi Bridge by Oji Station.


Kichijoji Evening Walk

Last night, I had a very pleasant walk around Kichijoji.

Suehiro Dori - looking towards the station.

An antique store was closing up. This old man is always there on Suehiro Dori.

One of my wife's favorite restaurants.
Walking towards the station westward toward JR Kichijoji Station.

Kichijoji Station building is going through a major facelift. This is the north side.

Inokashira Dori Street - on the south side of the station.


Tokyo Skytree Light-up test

This evening, Tokyo Skytree (still under construction at 488 meters) had testing of its LED lights.

I could watch it from a hotel in Kinshicho, Tokyo. Unfortunately, the lighted side was not facing us, but we could see some of it. The little whitish line below the observation deck is it.The event happened between about 6:30 to 9:00 pm. The lights will not be lit again until it is all done with construction (later next year).

There were many people that came to see the event. This is very close from the steel tower, Narihira Bridge.


Morning walks

I had trips to Niigata, Fukushima, and Iwate last week. Everywhere I went, I could take a nice morning walks.

Hokuriku Shinkansen, a new high speed rail elevated railway is in construction close from Naoetsu.
Miscanthus sirensis, or "Susuki" grow by freshly harvested ricefields.
A windmill shaped scarecrow/mole scarer.
Ducks roam in Kaiseiyama Park, Koriyama.
Callicarpa japonica, or "Murasasakishikibu" in a pot.
Eboshi (Noble's hat) Rock by Sakurayama Shrine in Morioka.
Mountains seen from Morioka Castle.


The Forbidden City

I had a very nice visit to the Forbidden City when I made a trip to Beijing, China this week.
The weather was perfect - cool, blue skies - just fantastic.

Mythical creatures - decorations on the roof of the Hall of Supreme Harmony guard against the evil.

The dragon is the symbol of the emperor.

The longest stone carving behind The Hall of Preserving Harmony.

The Female Lion in front of the Palace of Tranquil Longevity. She plays with the baby.

Series of roofs seen towards north to Jingshan Park.