Tokyo Skytree Update

I drove by the Tokyo Skytree construction site on Friday. Actually, it is now visible from quite a distance away.

The celebrated structure is now 389 m tall. Since my last blog reporting in February, the Skytree grew 89 meters.

A view from Kototoi Bridge (approx. 800m - 1/2 mile) away.

The upside-down conoid shape is the first observatory (340 meters high) .

There were many people that were looking up and taking pictures of the construction.

Only 245 more meters to go before its official opening in the spring of 2012.


Shanghai World Expo

I had a chance to visit Shanghai Expo this week. It just opened 0n May 1st, so it was very crowded. China, in a short time period has become a very modern country, at least in Shanghai.

India and Saudi Arabia Pavilions.

The view from India Pavilion. The long line is to get into India Pavilion. the upside-down pyramid building is China Pavilion. It is gigantic.

A Velociraptor fossil at Mongolia Pavilion.

A poster at Bangladesh Pavilion.

A beautiful harp displayed at Myanmar Pavilion.

The most expensive Persian rug displayed at Iran Pavilion. It is also the smallest - only 22 cm x 17 cm, made of silk. It's price - 3.8 million RMB (over 555K USD)!

UAE Pavilion

Japan Pavilion was very popular - average of 4-hours wait to go inside!

It was too bad that I only had time to visit some of the Asian Pavilions.


Ginza Willow Festival

On the Children's Day, an event called "Ginza Willow Festival" was held. This year was the 5th of such an event.

The usually busy street was blocked off from the traffic and there were marching bands, dances, art exhibits. I found this nice site that captured the parade.

Dancers danced to the rhythm of drums.

The performers getting ready to show off their songs and dances.

Street performers.

An elementary school band. They were very good.