Bringing my own chopsticks to restaurants

I've always thought all those throw-away chopsticks at restaurants and convenience stores are such wastes. I've decided to bring my own chopsticks to restaurants and started it on 23 Jan. Just on that day, I saved two sets. On the 24th, I saved one set. Then on the 25th, I saved 3 sets! I saved 6 sets of chopsticks in just 3 days! I had to eat out a lot on those days, but now that I am conscious about it, I can probably save average of 5 sets per week! This means 5 x 52 = 260 sets per year! There are over 120 million people in Japan and I imagine - someone like me is say - 10 % of population. If each person does what I do now, that means over 3.1 billion sets of chopstics (12,000,000 x 260 = 3,120,000,000) can be saved every year! I hope, other people see me doing it may start doing it. Maybe someday, we can drastically reduce use of those commonly used throw-away chopsticks.


These are the chopsticks I carry with me.

With this handy carrier bag, there is no pain in carrying them.

A Pond in a Park Before Sunrise

I started running again in 2005 and currently, I try to run 5-10 km per day. On weekdays, I need to run early in the morning. It is still dark and very cold these days. But the view of the pond right before the sunrise is so beautiful.

健康のために2005年からランニングを再開しました。最近は、毎日5-10 km 位走る努力をしていますが、週末以外は早朝のまだ暗いうちに走らざるをえません。この季節は寒いのでなかなかつらいのですが、日の出前の池はものすごくきれいです。