Weekend Runs: Nishiogi ~ Mitaka

I am happily back in Tokyo and am enjoying a beautiful weekend.  The temperature is unusually high (up to 27 deg. C), but because humidity is low, it is very nice.  I had good relaxed runs in our area - yesterday around Nishiogikubo and today Mitaka.

A little monument with a clock for the 100th year of the Village of Kichijoji.  It was probably built in 1978.  The governing zones changed quite often in this region.

Right by Nishogikubo Station, I found a cute figure.  It was designed and made by Satoshi Yabuuchi.  Learned that there are six of these placed around the station, so I decided to go to all of them.

This one is called "Hana no Doji" (Flower Child).

 "Osumo Doji" (Sumo Boys) at Nishiogi Minami Jijo Park.

A nice promenade leading to Momoi Harappa Park.

A sign calling for interest in joining a Pétanque Club.

"Uemuki Doji" (Looking Up Boys) at Nishiogi Chikiki Kumin Center.

"O-Asatsuyu Doji" (Big Morning Dew Boy) at Iogi Park.

"En Musubi Doji" (Marriage Making Boy) at Jizozaka by Ogikubo Jr. High School.

"Ryujin Doji" (Dragon Boy) at Nishiogi Kita Chuo Park.

And this morning, I ran through Inokashira Park and also around Mitaka Station.

An interesting picture at Gotenyama by Inokashira Park.

A cute display in front of a house by Mitaka Station.

Azalea flowers are beautiful now.

The Nishi-En track was used by a running club.


Two Runs in Singapore

I was back in Singapore - about 25 hours in the city.  But I could put in two nice runs while I was there.

Yesterday morning, the sun was already up - and it got up to close to 30 deg. C!

Ran to Fort Canning - where a big reservoir is.

There are huge trees there - Madras Thorn.

An old 9 Pound Cannon.

I found a Hindu temple - many people were in there.

There are many construction sites in Singapore.

A kindergarten.

A little statue of a priest on a roadside.

These little fruits looked like cherries.

A heart with locks - must be for love commitments.

Statues that show how things used to be.

An old cable-stayed bridge.

These are interesting - paparazzi dogs?

This morning, I started out earlier, so it was not as hot, but still temp. was 27 degrees before 7 am.

A fire station.

I could not tell whether this was a graffiti or art.

I ran in Pearl's Hill City Park - it displayed the scary sign here, too.

A cute little community.

Old ladies were exercising.

A cute street with restaurants.

An old Chinatown shopping area.

A view of Singapore skyline close from my hotel.

It was nice, but after runs, it takes a lot of time to cool down.


A Beautiful Spring Day Run

Last Saturday, I had a wonderful run to Nogawa Park.  It was a beautiful day.

People were having some physical activities at the field Inokashira Park.

There still were some cherry blossom, but nobody was doing Hanami any more.

A baseball game was going on.

Boys were gathered at a little park.

Azaleas were beautiful.

I reached Nogawa River.

Koinobori and a boy on a kick board.

A white heron flies above the river at Nogawa Park.

A little tunnel under Seibu Tamagawa Line train tracks.

A train.

A beautiful wisteria grows on a house.