Singapore Morning Runs

I spent the first part of this month in Singapore.  I could put in 4 morning runs while I was there.

Last Monday, I ran around the area of Orchard Road.

These are share bikes that can be left anywhere.

Elephant Statues.

Statues of Doraemon Family?

On Thursday, I ran around the Marina Bay.

Statues of a Singaporean family.

A footbridge that goes to Merlion Park.

On Friday, I ran a bit east/north from our hotel.

The site where Singapore's first Gas Works used to be.

Another interesting looking footbridge.

Beautiful sun rise seen from my hotel room.

And on Saturday, I ran down to the Marina Barrage and through Gardens by the Bay.

I really got rained on - a view towards the hotel and Ferris Wheel from the Barrage.

People waiting for the rain to pass at the Barrage building.

Ships waiting in the Strait of Singapore.

The barrage seen from the east side.

The barrage seen from the Barrage building.

Yoga people at the top of the building.

The Supertree Grove.

A big baby statue.

A terrible crime was committed very recently.


Takamatsu Water Front, etc. Run

This morning, in a cool and calm weather, I had a nice run in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.

A ferry leaves Takamatsu PortYashima is seen on the right.

Takamatsu Marina - all the boats are stored on land.

Boats at Takamatsu Fishing Port.

A grey heron on a boat.

A beautiful sunrise over the port.

A memorial park of old salt fields that used to occupy the area of over 18 hectare.

Pretty flowers - type unknown.

The southern tip of Megijima Island is seen beyond a fishing boat.

A golf practice range was not yet open.

A local train service depot.

Hyogomachi Shotengai (shopping area) by Takamatsu Station.

 A display of Hinamatsuri dolls at my hotel lobby.


A Nice Run to and Back from Roka Koshun-en Park

On Saturday, I could go for a nice run to Roka Koshun-en Park and leisurely came back.

Beautiful plum blossoms close from my home.

Pillars of Chuo Expressway south of Kugayama are painted for the playground.

A mascot for a pharmacy.

Karasuyama Shrine in Setagaya.

Plum trees of Roka Koshun-en Park.

A big part of the park is currently under renovation.

A playground area of the west side of the park.

Mizunashigawa (River with no water) Walkway - used to be a little rive.  The river was covered to make this walkway since the 1970s.

A kindergarten bus with famous Japanese cartoon characters.

More Mizunashigawa walkway heading north.

A major construction area for Gaikan (Outer Ring) Expressway's new Chuo Junction.

A farmer's house adjacent to the construction area.


Sunny Day Run from Komaba-Todaimae Station

On Saturday, my wife and I took a train to Komaba-Todaimae Station and ran back home tracing parks along the way.

 Local flowers at Komabano Park.

The beautiful Japanese garden at Komaba Park, a former residence of Maeda family.

Shimokitazawa Station - a lot of construction going on around the area.

 A hand-made looking building of a children's play area of Hanegi Park.

Hanegi Park had a beautiful plum (Ume) blossom.

A Koshin statue on a side of a road protected by a concrete hut.

Children at play at Akamatsu Park.

Tsukayama Park - Jomon people lived there 3,500 - 4,500 years ago..

Inside the Jomon dwelling.