Inokashira Pond Situation

We had nice weather this weekend and I had two nice runs.  For each run, I checked out the dried Inokashira Pond situation.

At Benten Ike Pond, spring water seeps out - a lot!

A bridge of Benten Ike Pond.

Nanaibashi Bridge over the main pond.

From Nanaibashi Looking west.

The boat rental house.


Looking towards Nanaibashi from the western tip.

Panorama View of the pond.

A temporary building explaining the drying of the pond.

These are the fish they captured - blue are foreign.  They found over 240 Bluegills, although this is the third time to try to eliminate them.

Pipes to move water.

Still a lot of water is pumped out to keep the ponds dry.


Semi Dark Morning Run in Sendai

I was back in Sendai this week.  I could go for a nice run this morning.

 There was some snow still on ground.

A statue of Tanikaze, a legendary sumo wrestler of the 18th century.

C601 steam locomotive displayed at Nishi (West) Park.

A double deck bridge over Hirose River.

A white heron in Hirose River.

A Toro stands by the river.

A ryokan sits by the river.

A trail by the river.

A big cliff by the river.

A jizo shrine.

A historical building of John Kinne Hoyde Deforest, a Christian missionary that lived in Sendai in 1887.

A drone store/school.

Sendai Station this morning.


Naha Morning Run

It was warm in Naha, Okinawa when I went for a run yesterday morning.  For that, I wore a short sleeve shirt and shorts.  It was still dark at 6:30 AM when I started.

A whale shark figure made with flowers in front of Okinawa Prefectural Museum.

People exercising at Shintoshin Park.

Sotetsu of Sago Palm by Ajagawa River.

Bird figures on Naura Bridge.

A boat at a small harbor.

An fire engine protecting the harbor area.

Tomari Port and the bridge seen from right by the fish market.

The sunrise over one of narrow rivers.

A pretty flower - I could not find the name of it.

Gajumaru (banyan) trees in Midorigaoka Park.

A pink lizard on a store on Kokusaidori Street.

Children's pictures were displayed on a wall of a construction site.


A Dark and Wet Run in Marugame

This morning, I ran in Marugame - very early in the morning.  It was very dark and wet - even got hailed on.

This is a new and beautiful pedestrian deck.

An old and ran-down shrine by the pedestrian deck.

Looking up to the castle from the main gate - the moon was beautiful.

The castle as depicted on a map.

Marugame Station seen from the south side.

Kites on the ceiling of the station.

 A Toro right outside of the south side of the station.

A playground shaped Konpira Boat.

Boats at the old Marugame Port.


Birds of Inokashira Park

It is cold but very sunny and nice in Tokyo this weekend.  We took strolls in Inokashira Park.

The water of pond is getting drained, but birds can still enjoy the water at this point.

Hyotan Bridge - the mouth of the pond to Kanda River is dammed to make sure to dry the pond.

Art Market stalls along the trail north side of the pond.

The swan boat pier is empty.

The water level of Benzaiten Shrine and its pond is also getting low.


An egret can walk for the water level is getting so low.

The bridge from which usually water comes out is dry.

A turtle dove by the bridge.

The view of the pond - it will be dried, soon.