San Bruno + Milbrae Run

I stayed by San Francisco International Airport this week.  I had enough time to put in semi-long run mostly in San Bruno and a bit in Milbrae on the late afternoon of Wednesday.

Downtown San Bruno.

A cute fountain and pictures by local artists.

An airplane took off from the airport.

A big hill - San Bruno Avenue West - about 3 km long and 150 meter climb!

Pretty lilies.

A sign at the entrance of San Andreas Trail.

A herd of deer in the park.

A sign prohibits flying cameras.

Unpaved part of the trail.

The trail is right by I-280.

The gate was about to be closed at the sunset.

A beautiful view - I was in Milbrae.

Could see the airport and SF Bay.

The hill coming down was VERY steep.

Apples, I suppose.

Palm trees at the sunset.


A Quick Run in Toronto

I was in Toronto this week.  In the late afternoon of Monday, I could go for a quick run in the city.

Some old buildings.

An interesting store.

No Leash area of Grange Park.

Children at play.

Pictures on the walls along Beverly Street.

Nice grassy area in University of Toronto.

Some of the older buildings of the university.

Trinity College - a part of the university.


A Morning Run in Athens

I am grossly late in writing this, but last Sunday, I had a nice morning run with my sons in Athens.

From our hotel, ran up to the top of Lykavittos Hill.

It really was a hard climb.

Peeking in the chapel.

A beautiful sunrise seen from the top of the hill.

 The view from the top towards the sea.

Coming back down.

Lykavittos HIll is seen from the stadium.

 Parthenon seen from our hotel.


Nice Runs in Santorini

I had two nice runs in the Island of Satorini, Greece last week.

A beautiful Sunrise.

Two cruise ships.

ATVs lined up - these are legal to ride on roads.

Thira, a major town of Santorini.

Grape grows by a street.

A windmill - but obviously not working.

The Village of Pyrgos.

Abandoned facility.

A donkey.

A view from atop Pyrgos.

Dogs and a cat resting.