Icy Run in Sapporo

It was icy and cold when I went for a run in Sapporo tomorrow morning.  At least the weather was fine and no wind.

A lot of the sidewalks in the city were frozen.  Had to be very careful and take short steps - tried not to slip.

More icy sidewalks going towards west.

The entrance of Hokkaido Shrine.

A long approach to the main shrine.

The shrine building.

I kept running up towards Maruyama park area.


Some sidewalks were very narrow.

There were some walking trails through woods.

Back in the city - more ice.

Some back streets were very frozen.

A decorative pole for the season.

Statues of Horace Capron and Kuroda Kiyotaka to pioneers of the early days of Hokkaido.

One of the "Light Tunnels" - must be pretty at night.

The symbolic Sappro Tower.


Photos from My Beautiful Weekend Runs

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I had beautiful runs in our neighborhood.

A big yellow leaves of gingko tree in Zenpukuji Park.

A fun monument at Igusamori Park.

A beautiful little pond of the park.

A vegetable field.

A robot statue by Kami-Igusa Station.

A robot picture on the shutter of a ramen restaurant - it is wearing a local college rugby shirt.

Shodows on the wall of Kami-Igusa Sports Center.

 Down slope to Inokashira Park.

A path of the park.

Little children playing rugby.

The entrance to a walk path by Chuo Park.

Gotenyama of Inokashira Park.

A pump was being installed at Benten Pond of Inokashira Park.

A singer by the pond.


Nice Runs Around Summit Golf Club in Bangkok

I could put in two nice morning runs around Summit Windmill Golf Club and surrounding residential areas in Bangkok last week.

The entrance of the golf club.

The club house seen from a rim road.

A local shrine.

Palm trees.


A walk way along a creek in the golf club.

A tree with pretty yellow flowers.

A gated community.

This was the most funky building.

Tulip ornaments on a side walk.

This house was for sale.

Still many houses were under construction.

It was not as hot as I feared in the mornings.